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Scalpels vs Sledgehammers in Positioning

In my last post I talked about choosing words carefully. Now I’ll cover a case where I advocate (almost) reckless abandon. Consistency, after all, is less important than results. Many years ago there was a blues duo called Scalpel and the Sledgehammer. Two talented musicians with different positioning. Scalpel: highly precise, cutting guitar skill and […]

Columbus Had a Pro Forma

  I was impressed with Ryan McLaughlin’s post “Get Executive Management to Approve Anything.” It fits with an approach I’ve used successfully, although Ryan’s framework is better articulated and more complete. But, as @b2bcommunicate thoughtfully pointed out in a conversation on Twitter, “Why would a data-driven marketer recommend spending even 1% of budget on activities […]

Backyard Bunnies and Boston Bombings

Last weekend we discovered that a rabbit had seven babies in a corner of the backyard. Poor choice of location, as we house predators (dog and cat) that roam the backyard along with other neighborhood predators, including a great horned owl. The cat got one baby before we figured it out. Since then the children […]