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Take Up the Sword of Justice

I’m taking a moment to publicly offer congratulations to my brother, the Honorable John Stanley Somers. He’s always been honorable but now it’s official. At 5pm on 6/16/2008 he was sworn in as a Superior Court Justice in Kern County, California.

He’s put in almost 25 years as a District Attorney here in Bakersfield, so this represents a huge milestone for him. It’s nice when professional life offers clear-cut markers of achievement (during his speech I halfway expected him to thank the Academy – it was that sort of occasion). His peers on both sides clearly hold him in high esteem. And I’m very proud of him.

Life in the private sector doesn’t always offer obvious milestones. The achievements are there, just not marked by ceremony. It makes me think that we all need to listen closer to notice when we achieve things. Sometimes it’s getting traction for a new approach to Marketing in your company. I’ve done that this year – now it’s time to prove that the approach is valid. Sometimes it’s finding that peers are willing to place faith in you and follow you. I’ve done that this year, too.

Most of the time it’s simply knowing that you’ve done your best work and focused on what really matters despite a myriad of distractions. I’m going to focus on that tomorrow and I hope that you will too.

And this morning I will drive to LAX as fast as I please…knowing that if I get a ticket I can get it handled. (I’m kidding!)

Thanks to pingnews.com for the image!