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Big Meetings

probability of a meeting

Even in small companies, the math above can be relevant.

The probability of a meeting with one participant is 1/1, or 100%. You can always schedule a meeting with yourself. Obviously.

Two participants are four times as hard. The meeting is 4x less likely to occur in the designated timeframe.

Three participants? Harder than two. Four participants? exponentially harder.

OK, I made this math up to prove a point. It’s far from quantitative, but it’s directionally correct. Figure out who really needs to be there. Invite only those people. If the decisions made impact a team, send a representative to report back – not the whole team.

There are exceptions for brainstorming, inform-the-team meetings, and other reasons. But fewer meetings = more time working, less time rescheduling.

  • Interesting. Can we sit down to discuss?

  • Russ_Somers

    Sure thng, Chris. But we’ll need to first round up all the stakeholders across the organization.