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Columbus Had a Pro Forma

  I was impressed with Ryan McLaughlin’s post “Get Executive Management to Approve Anything.” It fits with an approach I’ve used successfully, although Ryan’s framework is better articulated and more complete. But, as @b2bcommunicate thoughtfully pointed out in a conversation on Twitter, “Why would a data-driven marketer recommend spending even 1% of budget on activities […]

Marketing is Nearly Dead and It’s Partly Hubspot’s Fault but Mostly Ours

When did you trade your Marketing birthright for a bag of worthless social-and-infographic beans? I thought about this a while back when Hubspot published a cutesy infographic about infographics that failed to meet its own definition of an infographic. The definition it failed to meet? “An image containing graphics and text including statistics about a […]

Big Meetings

Even in small companies, the math above can be relevant. The probability of a meeting with one participant is 1/1, or 100%. You can always schedule a meeting with yourself. Obviously. Two participants are four times as hard. The meeting is 4x less likely to occur in the designated timeframe. Three participants? Harder than two. […]

I've Been Giving You Bad Advice

After a conversation with a friend who’s recently made a great career move, I realized I’ve been giving bad advice for some time now. Not terrible advice,  just not as good as it could be. Based on a couple of career learnings (read “missteps”), I’ve always counseled people to “only get involved in a business […]