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Precision Words

Sometimes you’re asked to contribute marketing copy to a non-marketing deliverable. Maybe a login page. Here are the fields to fill in, here’s the ‘submit’ button…over here on the right, let’s fill it out with a little marketing copy. You know, just something that makes the customer feel good about logging in. Fluffy, feel-good marketing […]

Do you know who @I am?

Everybody loves a good “social media lets @everyperson take down a corporate Goliath” story. I enjoyed seeing Dave Carroll take an indifferent United Airlines to task for breaking his guitar and quickly soar to over 5MM views and major media coverage. There are plenty of stories validating that a complaint aired on Twitter gets quick […]

New Coat of Paint

It struck me this morning how faded some retail businesses look right now. On a drive through South Austin I passed a Hollywood Video. The bright blue had faded beyond pastel. Like all the other businesses in the strip mall. Like the other strip malls I passed. They all blended together. Is this how we feel […]

Use Your Superpowers

Are you using your superpowers wisely? You could be gifted with numbers, or words, or both. You could be a natural at building deep relationships with people or able to charm a roomful immediately. Maybe you have a talent for breaking a problem into its components to find a logical solution. I have a friend […]

No Guru, No Method, No Teacher

My all-time favorite album title is ‘No Guru, No Method, No Teacher’ by Van Morrison. Forget that it’s brilliant music by a world-class artist. The title alone rocks. I’ve been thinking about it lately as I’ve considered discussion around the title ‘social media guru.’ Brand Dialogue suggests that you view anyone bearing this title skeptically. […]

When Common Sense is a Startling Revelation

This afternoon I took in Tony Hsieh’s keynote at the South by Southwest Interactive festival. The room was packed and expectations were high. Marketing and social media heavy hitters – CEOs, CMOs, and execs from other companies – faithfully tweeted each bit of wisdom Tony passed out. Not bad for a guy who started selling […]


Googleprint: the tail of  information that anyone with Google can easily see about you. It’s a concept Seth and others often discuss. Is it fair that it follows you through life? Probably not. As a parallel, more attractive people earn more money. That’s not fair, either. But it’s true. So I deal with it. I […]

What kind of screwdriver are you?

I had coffee with a friend of a friend today. Like many folks at the moment, she’s looking for a new job. But she’s doing it a little differently and a little smarter. Many candidates seeking work right now are presenting themselves as Swiss army knives. “Need a Phillips screwdriver? A knife? A corkscrew? Sure, […]

Edge Cases and Guy-on-a-Ship

What about the guy-on-a-ship? A long time ago in a company far, far away we had a meeting about a product migration. The concern: how do we get everybody with the old product a small amount of data to unlock an upgrade to the new product. There was a quick discussion (blink and you’d miss […]

Dunbar Push-ups

Seth Godin and Chris Brogan had posts this week that have an interesting overlap. Seth’s point: in order to be the best in the world at what you do, shrink the world. You do that by defining what you do more precisely (some would say narrowly). Chris blogged on one of my fascinations, Dunbar’s Number. […]