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Marketing is Nearly Dead and It’s Partly Hubspot’s Fault but Mostly Ours

When did you trade your Marketing birthright for a bag of worthless social-and-infographic beans? I thought about this a while back when Hubspot published a cutesy infographic about infographics that failed to meet its own definition of an infographic. The definition it failed to meet? “An image containing graphics and text including statistics about a […]

The Fantasy of Executive Fiat

Citizens of corporate America often speculate on how quickly an issue could be resolved if the top exec in the organization were involved. She’d tell them to get that system fixed NOW, no excuses! Get that product out NOW or heads are gonna roll! This ain’t no democracy. Our feudal roots are exposed. It’s clear […]

Take Up the Sword of Justice

I’m taking a moment to publicly offer congratulations to my brother, the Honorable John Stanley Somers. He’s always been honorable but now it’s official. At 5pm on 6/16/2008 he was sworn in as a Superior Court Justice in Kern County, California. He’s put in almost 25 years as a District Attorney here in Bakersfield, so […]