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The Authoritative Yet Irrelevant Sales Pitch

Marketers and sales guys love a sales pitch that sounds authoritative, yet is irrelevant. Too bad customers don’t.

Example: the Big Green Egg. It’s a BBQ grill. Living in Texas, I am an authority on BBQ grills. In fact, I have my own set of grilling tools in a monogrammed case. Seems pretty authoritative. I grill with propane, which some people think makes me a grilling dilettante (grilletante?), but Hank Hill uses propane. That makes it legitimate in my eyes. Also, I’m enough of a grilling expert that I understand that it’s mostly about drinking Modelo Especial while playing with fire anyway.

Will Google+ Account for the Grandma Factor?

OK, after a week playing with Google+, I have to admit it’s pretty darned cool and is very close to what the social networking tool of my dreams should be.¬†Some of that’s because Google’s engineers are smart. Some of that’s because they’re great at UI. A fair amount of it may simply be that they’ve […]

The Publishing Industry is Booming

No, I haven’t gone crazy. Contrary to what you may hear from pundits circling the New York Times like West Texas buzzards, things are better than they’ve ever been for the ¬†publishing industry. As Eric Schmidt pointed out last year, every two days we produce as much information as we did in all the years […]

You Are Who You Sell To

Had a conversation this am on Twitter with a couple friends about innovation and Yahoo!. Two words that, you may notice, rarely occur in the same sentence these days. Their premise: Yahoo! is arrogantly mismanaged and misses opportunities to lead by, for example, opening an API that would allow developers to innovate on Yahoo! Groups […]

Welcome to Movember!

I’ve joined a team trying to change the face of men’s health. By changing my face. I’m growing a moustache for Movember, and I’d like you to join me. Movember raises funds to fight cancers that affect men (and roughly one in two men will be diagnosed at some point during their lifetime). Funds go […]