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Marketing is Nearly Dead and It’s Partly Hubspot’s Fault but Mostly Ours

When did you trade your Marketing birthright for a bag of worthless social-and-infographic beans? I thought about this a while back when Hubspot published a cutesy infographic about infographics that failed to meet its own definition of an infographic. The definition it failed to meet? “An image containing graphics and text including statistics about a […]

The Authoritative Yet Irrelevant Sales Pitch

Marketers and sales guys love a sales pitch that sounds authoritative, yet is irrelevant. Too bad customers don’t.

Example: the Big Green Egg. It’s a BBQ grill. Living in Texas, I am an authority on BBQ grills. In fact, I have my own set of grilling tools in a monogrammed case. Seems pretty authoritative. I grill with propane, which some people think makes me a grilling dilettante (grilletante?), but Hank Hill uses propane. That makes it legitimate in my eyes. Also, I’m enough of a grilling expert that I understand that it’s mostly about drinking Modelo Especial while playing with fire anyway.

Big Meetings

Even in small companies, the math above can be relevant. The probability of a meeting with one participant is 1/1, or 100%. You can always schedule a meeting with yourself. Obviously. Two participants are four times as hard. The meeting is 4x less likely to occur in the designated timeframe. Three participants? Harder than two. […]