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Dunbar Push-ups

Seth Godin and Chris Brogan had posts this week that have an interesting overlap. Seth’s point: in order to be the best in the world at what you do, shrink the world. You do that by defining what you do more precisely (some would say narrowly). Chris blogged on one of my fascinations, Dunbar’s Number. […]

Baby Won't You Unfollow Me Down

I’m obsessed with Qwitter. Just not in the same way a lot of people seem to be. Qwitter emails you when someone following you on the microblogging tool Twitter stops following you. It tells you who quit and what your last tweet was before they quit. Simple. The response is not simple. I’ve seen a […]

Will You Tweet Me When I'm Gone

The recent decision of a Rocky Mountain News reporter to report the funeral of a local three-year-old via Twitter has raised questions about whether it was an appropriate use of the microblogging tool. ABC News quotes a reporter as saying that this decision “…took the notion of Twitter to staggeringly low depths.” Other commentators, including […]

Social Network Fatigue

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at Computerworld says he doesn’t want to friend me. With an ever-increasing number of social media options, who can blame him? He has a long track record as an online social networker, with roots going back to managing listservs and Compuserve groups. Zude is a promising option for those of us facing […]

Twitter Business Plan Contest Update

I have four entries so far in the first-ever Twitter Business Plan Contest. I’m impressed by the creativity so far packing high value into just a few (<140) characters. More than one person has compared it to a business haiku – fits with my belief that constraints unleash creativity. That’s why the most creative marketing […]

Twitter Business Plan Contest

Does microblogging application Twitter have legitimate business uses? Maggie, Ann and Andy couldn’t settle it almost a year ago. Let’s prove it. Right here, right now. If Twitter does have a business use, it follows that one should be able to use it for a basic business purpose: writing a business plan. Sure, there’s a […]