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Baby Won't You Unfollow Me Down

I’m obsessed with Qwitter. Just not in the same way a lot of people seem to be. Qwitter emails you when someone following you on the microblogging tool Twitter stops following you. It tells you who quit and what your last tweet was before they quit. Simple. The response is not simple. I’ve seen a […]

Will You Tweet Me When I'm Gone

The recent decision of a Rocky Mountain News reporter to report the funeral of a local three-year-old via Twitter has raised questions about whether it was an appropriate use of the microblogging tool. ABC News quotes a reporter as saying that this decision “…took the notion of Twitter to staggeringly low depths.” Other commentators, including […]

Hand Drawn Fail Whale

My 4 1/2 year old daughter drew this today. I don’t think I ever showed her the fail whale, despite blogging about its hidden meanings recently. If it’s showing up in the drawings of children, it’s a true cultural zeitgeist…or icon…or something.

Tweeting while Twitter is Down

A colleague just emailed me “I think I broke Twitter.” Not sure it was his fault, but as of 12:43pm CST it’s down. Since the stated purpose of Twitter is to answer the question “What are you doing”, another friend and I are coming up with the tweets that we’d be tweeting if we could […]

Vicarious SXSWi

It’s been great following SXSWi via Twitter this year. I feel like I was there. Why wasn’t I there? Work commitments and a sick 8-month-old. I know it’s worth going – in a past musical incarnation I participated as a showcase artist several years and found the networking priceless. (Yes, the Egghead has a checkered […]

Twitter Business Plan Contest Awards

Five entries in the Twitter Business Plan Contest. Five winners: because, in keeping with the current state of social media marketing, participation equals winning. Here they are: smallbiztrends @hoovers Monetize answering research questions for readers on a section of my website – ad supported – listing fees featured research 11:08 AM March 04, 2008 from […]

Twitter Marketing and MicroBlog Horticulture

Doshdosh blogged 17 key business uses for Twitter. The real-time, multi-platform nature of the beast makes it great for live blogging events, as everyone learned at last year’s SXSW, but there’s a lot more. Here’s the 18th use – your plants can tell you when they’re thirsty. There’s a metaphor here. Social media and micromedia […]